Who needs us...
If any of these sound like you, then we are here to help.
  • Don't know how to use P2P programs?
  • Is your connection behind a firewall?
  • P2P programs not allowed on your network?
  • Don't know how to find what you want?
  • Tired of slow downloads?
  • Can't keep track of new releases?
  • Not enough seeds?
  • Don't know what a seed is?

How we can help... We here at believe in two things: Simplicity, and Speed. It doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about P2P programs or your a tech-savvy person who's stuck behind an overly aggressive firewall.

We simplify the process of downloading anime by centralizing everything through our site - no more checking a dozen sites for the newest releases. We also provide helpful guides and support for any questions you might have.

We speed things up by providing direct downloads, HTTP if you want to be technical, through multiple file servers spread across the US. The end result is an extremely easy to use site with blazing fast anime downloads!

If you're interested in our service please read our Frequently Asked Questions, and then signup ^_^